Advantix – The Company

Advantix Solutions Group has come to the fore in the market space of mobility telecom solutions. The company specializes in telecom analysis and services and its headquarters is in Dallas, Texas. Belarus is a company that was established not too long ago – 2002 – to be precise and is a master agent for providing software solutions to commercial telecom carriers. With its headquarters in Utah, the company has been able to build a network of carriers and agents who have successfully sold the software solutions to companies across the world.

One such carrier is Advantix. Advantix and Belarus inked their partnership agreement in the year 2011.This partnership has resulted in the Belarus agents and clients getting access to the mobility management, wireless optimization and specialized consulting software solutions from Advantix. Their portfolio of solutions eliminates the complexity of wireless telecom management.

Advantix – The Company

The company prides itself on delivering solutions that free up the client’s time and resources. They can they focus on their core areas of strength and management rather than worry about managing their wireless networks. In choosing Advantix, clients enjoy benefits such as increases in mobility management, the decrease in billing errors and higher visibility spanning the organization.

 In this day and age of constrained budgets, clients also can enjoy benefits such as the decrease in administrative costs and reduction in the time invested in managing wireless accounts. The process of signing up with the Advantix way of life begins with a free analysis of client accounts.

The company offers a risk- free and no obligation analysis of wireless accounts. Within the bracket of services then offered by Advantix are aspects like: Analyzing devices for the best fit configuration Analyze wireless networks for best cost – value options Minimizing resources allocation or resource use Customization of reports so the client derives maximum benefits Continuous and periodic analysis and support Advantix also prides itself on being competitively priced and being able to provide more bang for the client’s buck so to speak.

The company is equipped with Six Sigma methodologies and can bring in this benefit into any program that will eventually lead to very palpable benefits to the clients. Critical resources like time and money are freed up to be applied elsewhere and this in itself is a huge benefit to the client. Advantix has delivered up to 50% reduction in costs as far as their solutions are concerned. It also helps increase trouble ticket resolution for clients.

Today, with burgeoning technology, every company needs the support of a holistic data strategy and this is one of the key deliverables for Advantix. Consider the fact that there is an immense array of solutions and products available for the client – smartphones, telemetry devices and wireless cards.

Decision making can be made even more complex when one has to consider not just the device but also the correct configurations and cost outlays. But with the help of Advantix, a customized and best fit data strategy can be worked out so that the clients benefit from a strong and available data strategy.

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