Self-Justifications That Do Not Let You Start Your Own Business

This article presents some stop-phrases that you use when thinking about your business.

Start Your Own Business: Phrases That Stop You

We have excuses for every situation in the life. However, if you start your own business, thoughts and phrases that justify the absence of such a startup are rarely true. Usually, an excuse is rooted in a simple ignorance of some things that you can quite easily find out.

I Do Not Have the Money to Start

The start of business is an art of how to manage your life without money, staff, and personal time. You should not start a business with the huge amount of money. In this case, you can lose both money and business. Your case should be started with a small amount of money that is easy to get. No one has enough money, so take it easy. Therefore, firstly, think over simple ideas without thinking about money. Then infect others with your faith in favor of these ideas. In this case, you will receive a start-up investment.

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Start Your Own Business

I Live in the Stream of Long-Established Life

Everybody has 24 hours a day. The question is that you need to give up wasting time on unnecessary things. If you were drowning on the ship in the ocean and you had a few hours left, you would not have come up with jokes on Twitter, watch movies, news, and football. Apply the same emergency level. Give up what you think is rest, but it is not. Thus, your schedule will instantly receive free hours daily. So, you can fill these hours with useful things for your business.

Private Business Is Difficult and Scary

Every entrepreneur is afraid of doing business. In the childhood, you were afraid to go to school, get on a bicycle, swim in a pond, fly in an airplane, take the first action with a new gadget, and so on. And you did it all. So, try to overcome the fear. Make your fuel stimulate willpower. Remember that the more frightening you are, the more fun you will get when you defeat it. And the pleasure of your victory is an important engine of life.

I Do Not Know Anyone in This Sphere

Nowadays this is a ridiculous excuse. With the help of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networks, you can establish a contact with any physical and legal entity. Now a lot of people and companies are accessible. This is one of the secrets of the success. Think about every aspect of your idea to find the investors. They know that investing money in the convincing business idea will bring them a good profit.

Thousands of millionaires said that at the start they ventured to offer their ideas to the rich people and were surprised that they answered.

I Had Ideas, But They Are Realized by Others

  • Remember that Mark Zuckerberg was not the inventor of social networks. But he was the first to make it a world phenomenon. He earned a lot of money on the social network.
  • China was the first to think of becoming a “world factory” for Western corporations. However, now both Malaysia and India are making billions in the same way and are simultaneously solving a lot of social problems.
  • Finally, have you noticed that at the beginning of the 21st century, spiral energy-saving light bulbs conquered the whole world but immediately they were replaced by even more energy-saving LED bulbs?

A list of similar examples can be continued. Innovations rarely reach the peak. It is never too late to improve the existing idea.

I Am Unconvincing and Afraid to Communicate

People will listen to everything that they are interested in, no matter how and by whom it is said. There are a lot of teachers with speech problems. However, they are listened to, as they say unique things that listeners find useful to themselves. If people are not listening, the problem is in your content.

When starting a business, it is not important who you are, but what you want to achieve. If the result of your plan is fascinating, you will definitely be listened to.

I Do Not Have Business Skills

If you do not have it, so get it. Skills are not abilities you were born with. Go to the courses, read the book, read ten books. Find someone who has done almost what you want and offer her/him some free help in exchange for mentoring.

I Do Not Like to Take Risks

Do you like regretting the lost opportunities? Youth and adulthood are short, and old age can make up a huge part of life. Do not fill these years with resentment because of the lack of realization of your ideas. So, take this risk! Yes, you may fail, but it is not the end. Just think about all risks and prepare for them.

We hope that we encouraged you to think about your future and this article will help you avoid all the fears of starting your own business.

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