The Advantages of LED Letters for Business

LED letters are an excellent way to make your business sign and branding stand out – not only against the background, but against the competition too!

With the ability to choose from a range of colours and bespoke designs to suit your business’ needs, you’ll be able to create a truly unique brand image, making your business immediately recognisable to customers, and the light provided by the LED letters makes sure you’ll be visible and recognisable in all conditions!

LED letters provide a far superior lighting solution for signs than their counterparts, incandescent bulbs, halogen bulbs and neon lighting, through a range of improvements upon these older technologies.

For starters, LED sign letters are much more energy-efficient than their rivals, wasting less energy as heat and resulting in a lower overall electricity bill. While this may not be something you have considered as a serious expense, when running a sign throughout business hours, every day, the sheer amount of power consumed by a halogen or incandescent sign would be very considerably more than that of an equivalent LED sign.

Advantages of LED Letters for Business

In addition, LED sign letters have a much longer lifespan than incandescent lights, requiring less frequent replacement, and their hardy plastic covers and sturdy diodes mean that they won’t be as vulnerable to breaking. Again, this may not be an aspect of sign ownership which you have considered, but even disregarding vandalism (a frequent threat to lit-up signs) even high winds and severe weather can sometimes cause fragile lights to break. LEDs avoid this problem – their tough construction makes them perfect for use in all conditions.

LED sign letters can be fitted to the tray signs available from SignTrade Letters to provide backlighting or halo effect lighting, turning an existing sign into a considerably more stylish and eye-catching display – and therefore a more effective sign.

With a wide range of applications and a distinctive, attractive appearance, the LED letters available from SignTrade can fit a huge range of signs and styles, able to match any business aesthetic or visual theme. Your LED letters can even be made to fit dimmers, timers and other controls, making your sign more personal and adaptable than ever!

If you choose to pair your LED sign letters with chromaform letters – which are also available from SignTrade Letters – then you can achieve a truly stunning effect, with halo lighting accentuating and highlighting the silvery, reflective letters, making them visible in all conditions and keeping an incredible aesthetic at all times.

For more information on LED sign letters and how they can improve your business signage and brand image, or to ask about a quote from SignTrade Letters or place an order for LED letters, you can get in touch with Signtrade’s head office on 08085 456700 or visit their website, linked in this blog post, and use the contact form there to get in contact! The staff at the head office will be happy to answer any questions you have or process any orders you would like to make.

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